12 Days of Christmas

Date December 19, 2012

Look at this beautiful 12 Days of Christmas set of wood cookie molds from House on the Hill my beloved gave me for my birthday.

There are a number of recipes that work really well with the wood molds but being a creature of habit I went with Georganne’s basic chocolate cookie recipe, and by basic I mean basically the best chocolate cookie recipe on the planet.


If you happen to notice the green and red flecks in the cookie dough, that’s because I added a bag of crushed Holiday M&M’s to the dough. Why? Just because it’s Christmas and everything tastes better with a little red and green. And some extra chocolate in a chocolate cookie never hurts either.
So, after preparing the cookies using the copper cutter made specifically for the set, I rolled out some white chocolate fondant, dusted the molds with powdered sugar, pressed and then cut out the raised designs using the copper cutter.


And in 10 minutes I ended up with some crazy gorgeous cookies. Though the detail is strong enough to leave the designs uncolored, I pulled out my airbrush and gave them a light coat of gold sheen. Using a small painbrush and the other airbrush colors in my arsenal I painted the edges with bronze and added a few other colors to the raised images. I used edible color markers on a few of them as well just to punch up the color.




The next time I experiment with a wood mold (I have a couple heart molds just waiting for Valentines!) I’m going to experiment with pressing the mold into the cookie dough and coloring with an ultra-thin coating of glaze and painted with luster dust. We shall see.


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14 Responses to “12 Days of Christmas”

  1. Susan said:

    Anita I am blown away on how beautiful these are! I am looking forward to your post using these on cookie dough because I have about 15 molds that were given to me years ago and couldn't find a recipe I liked. And you being the queen of cookie doughs I know you find one perfect for this! And I love how the molds are also a Christmas decoration too on the stand! Tell Dana she did great!!!

  2. amy said:

    these are gorgeous and i've never seen anything like it. did dana find this gift for you? that would be unbelievable.

  3. Debbie said:

    They are absolutley the prettiest cookies I have seen this Christmas! I love them and all the cookies you do!!

  4. Gwenn said:

    These are beautiful….I have always wanted to use molds but have never….you give me hope mine will come out well.

  5. Katydoescookies said:

    These are beautiful, Anita!!! What a lovely gift you received!!! She knew what you needed:) Can't wait to see what you do with the Valentines molds in dough. I have a Springerle rolling pin. Only used it once. Never thought about coloring the picture. Neat idea. Merry Christmas. –Katy

  6. RuthAnn said:

    No one could eat those! Oooh, gotta keep them!

  7. Donna B. said:

    I am speechless at the beauty of those! And what you made from them….truly a work of art, Anita! May I wish you a very belated Happy Birthday and an early Merry Christmas.

    Blessings, Donna B.

  8. katttt said:

    LOVE the new cookies…..super wonderful b'day gift!

  9. Sue said:

    Wow, this is phenomenal!

  10. Jan S. said:

    wow, those cookies are so pretty. happy birthday…love your blog

  11. Cat said:

    Your cookies are simply beautiful. I gifted myself this set of molds from HOH and will use your blog as inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

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