Angry Bird Cookie Cutters

Date May 29, 2012

For the last year or two I’ve been engaged in extensive research. While to the casual observer it might have appeared as though I was simply wasting away the hours playing Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Space on my iPad or iPhone, I was actually studying the detailed and nuanced anatomy of each of these moody feathered bombardiers. This is the kind of dedication we have here at Sweet Hope Cookies and by we I mean me but you already knew that. Anyway, at long last, with the upcoming birthday celebration of a five year old Idaho Spud who loves Angry Birds like I do I was able to put my research to practical use.

But here’s what I’m most proud about . . . I made them by re-purposing cookie cutters! I just knew if I stalked cookie gurus like SweetSugarbelle, LilaLoa, and Klickitat Street long enough there was at least a slim chance that some of their repurposing mojo would rub off on me. And here’s the best part. . . I made all the main characters using just a couple cookie cutters. Want me to show you which ones?
Okay, I will but only because you begged.

Here’s what it takes. An egg cookie cutter, a ring cookie cutter, and a mini crown and mini circle.

Yellow Bird

Yellow and White Bird are the two birds that are made using the egg-shaped cookie cutter. To make Yellow Bird, cut a wedge from the bottom of the egg and then holding the flat side of a knife on both sides of the bigger portion squeeze the sides of the egg so it forms a triangle. Round out the three corners with your fingers. Now take the wedge and place it on top of the egg, remove a triangle from each side and attach the center portion by gently forming it around the top curve.

White Bird

White Bird is made by attaching the jewel from the ring cutter cutter to the top of an egg. Use the egg cutter to cut the bottom edge of the jewel so that it will attach cleanly to the egg. Using the flat edge of a knife or your fingers just round out the cornered edges of the jewel.

Black Bird

For those who don’t play Angry Birds, this is the guy you want to show up when the pigs invade and while I’m not a big fan of black icing (can you say bleed?) he was my favorite Angry Bird to make.

Black Bird couldn’t be easier. Just cut out a ring shape and remove the sides of the jewel.
There you go. A perfect fuse for this little bird bomb!
And in case you’re wondering his eyes are white Smarties Candies and his white dot is an oversized sugar pearl I found in the wedding section at Michael’s Craft Store.

Red Bird and Blue Bird

For the sake of accuracy, Blue Bird is smaller than the rest of the Angry Birds. The only exception to this is when a birthday boy is going to be giving Angry Bird cookies to his party guests. In that case, to spare the tears, temper, and general mayhem that would result in trying to pawn off smaller cookies to a few of the children, it’s best that Blue Bird be exactly the same size as all the other ill-tempered fowl.

Yep, start with the ring again. After slightly pinching the top corners of the jewel together with your fingers to round their edges, cup the palm on your hand against the left side, drawing the jewel down until it touches the top of the circle.

The King Pig

Before I show you how I made King Pig, you should head over to SweetSugarBelle’s Angry Birds tutorials to find out what cutter she used for his little loyal pig followers. I used the one she suggested too but because it was her idea I need to let her tell you!

To make the King Pig I cut the top edge of the ring jewel with a mini crown, did a little trimming of the crown with a knife and then added eyes. I could have added eyes by just attaching two small half circles to the outside edge of the pig but because these cookies were being shipped I wanted to make them less fragile. As you can see in the finished cookie the icing covers the crease where the dough meets.

So there you go. That’s how you make some crazy birds and porkers with a wedding ring and an egg. Oh, and for those with inquiring minds, the slingshot is a “Y” and the wall of bricks is a three-tiered wedding cake.

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7 Responses to “Angry Bird Cookie Cutters”

  1. Paula said:

    Great re-purposing of your cutters and fabulous cookies!

  2. Anne @ Have a Cookie said:

    What a wonderful use of the ring cutter. The cookies look great!

  3. jean petrick said:

    your cookies are perfect! i too have made angry bird cookies, although not on my website as of right now, and either repurposed cutters i have or actually made my own. what do you ice your cookies with? do you use fondant? I currently only use royal icing but am looking for other options…especially for the moer detailed cookies! any input you would like to share would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  4. Felipa said:

    I LOVE THESE!!! My son's birthday isn't until April. Mind if I "pin" it?

  5. GrootVader (Grandpa) said:

    I have pictures of king pig cookies adapted from your pictured instructions. I too would like to post my pictures on my webpage showing the stages of development. My cookies are made strictly for taste, including the butter cream frosting which is very difficult for decorating small details. I do not want to post your website information without permission or my cookie pictures on my facebook page. I would like to give Sweet Hope cookies credit for the inspiration. My decorating skills are nill, but we pride our sugar cookie recipe right up near the top.

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