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Oh My, It’s Cookie Pie!

Date October 3, 2013

Remember my post a couple weeks ago where I revealed the magical healing powers of Cookie Butter?  And if you don’t believe me the next time you stub your toe, split a fingernail, or get a paper cut, grab a spoon and a jar of cookie butter and just… Read more

Cake Batter Confetti Cookies

Date September 7, 2013

Before there was Julia & Julie there was Anita & Rose. Years ago in my youth and by youth I mean my thirties since now being in my mid-fifties I can’t remember my twenties, I thought it would be fun to bake every cake in Rose Levy… Read more

Cookies ARE Ice Cream Giveaway

Date September 2, 2013

Have you seen these? . Yes, they look like Rolos but they’re Rolo Minis, part of a revolutionary life-altering movement toward tiny versions of familiar and awesome candies like Milky Ways and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups which makes them perfect… Read more

Caramel Continuation

Date August 31, 2013

We here at the Sweet Hope Cookies Test Kitchen will not falter in our divine call to imbue the flavor of caramel into a classic rolled cookie. We will not falter and we will not fail. Until then, we give you these to ease your… Read more

Give Me S’more Cookies

Date July 20, 2013

What exists between the line of print you’re now reading and the recipe near the bottom of this post is a whole lot of not much. Feel free to scroll at your own discretion. Do you remember when you ate your first S’more? I don’t. But I remember… Read more