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Christmas Cookie Bling

Date December 1, 2012

Why hold back all that bright shiny Christmas candy bling-bling for the top of the cookie when you can make the inside of the cookie sparkle too? . Just toss a cup of non-pareils, sprinkles, jimmies or sugar thingamajigs into the dough… Read more

Sweet Sandwiches, Part 1

Date July 20, 2012

Yep, those are sandwich-shaped cookies and yep, they really do come in all those flavors and all it takes is getting a little imaginative with homemade candy clay and marshmallow fondant. Today let’s enjoy the yummy simple wonder of . . . Candy… Read more

Time Sensitive Post: Candy Color

Date March 30, 2012

So how did I come up with this pastel palette for Spring? Nope. Not Design Seeds. Oops. Photo Card Boutique, you say? Wrong again. That was another post on another day. Spring Time M&M’s. That’s right. Some people use paint swatches…. Read more

A Cookiephile’s Great Joys

Date July 31, 2011

There are few things that stir the heart of a cookiephile with more sweet bliss and unadulterated joy than these: Behold the rainbow. My heart races at the sight and a tear begins to overflow the corner of my eye. The left eye to be precise. If… Read more