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Diner Dinner and Crinkle Cut Fries Tutorial

Date August 13, 2013

You might have noticed over the past few posts I’ve been playing with my play dough. Cookie play dough that is..I didn’t originally set out to make hot dogs and corn dogs, french fries and crinkle cut fries, and tableware. I just wanted a few… Read more

Caramelized White Chocolate and Cinnamon Cookies

Date July 30, 2013

I had no more glanced over this tutorial by David Lebowitz on caramelizing white chocolate than I was out in the garage pilfering through my designated cookie freezer for whatever white chocolate chips, chunks, or bars I could find. I’d never heard… Read more

Shipping Cookie Pops

Date May 10, 2013

I’m going to be blogging about cookies today which given the nature of this being a cookie blog seems appropriate enough but since it’s ALS Awareness Month it would be even better if I first invited you to hop on over to meet Cynthia and hear her… Read more

A Happy Accidental Discovery

Date December 22, 2012

A customer recently ordered gold star cookies as Christmas gifts for her gold-star employees but she didn’t want just any gold stars. She wanted them to be “shiny sparkly GOLD stars” which she continued to emphasize in email and on the phone. And I… Read more

Anita 101: Cookie Spread

Date December 20, 2012

Spread. The arch nemesis of all cookie bakers since time immemorial. This chocolate-based cookie has minimal spread. Happy face. This vanilla-based cookie has aggravating spread. Grumpy face. Boo. Hiss. When a snow flake morphs into a daisy,… Read more