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It’s Sure Dusty Around Here

Date April 25, 2016

Wow. It’s been nearly two years since I last posted. Now that’s a little embarrassing! I so enjoyed my time of blogging here but these days between Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and that thing called LIFE I only get over here… Read more

Remembering Randy: Giving the Gift of ‘Thank You’

Date May 1, 2014

A couple weeks ago on the anniversary of Randy’s death from ALS, an incredible group of cookie friends, and I use the word “friends” in the truest sense of the word, did something pretty amazing by surprising shocking stunning me in coming together… Read more

One Long Moment

Date December 17, 2012

Remembering those we miss though we never met them in their life time and mourning with all those who knew and loved them whose grief we can’t begin to imagine. Charlotte Bacon, age 6 Daniel Barden, age 7 Olivia Engel, age 6 Josephine Gay,… Read more

Cookies for Jesus…and for Anthony

Date December 20, 2011

Thanks to online shopping my love of the Christmas season has been restored. I mean really, what’s not to love about shopping for your loved ones while nestled in your imitation mission-style chair in your favorite pair of flannel pajamas with the… Read more