Christmas Cookie Bling

Date December 1, 2012

Why hold back all that bright shiny Christmas candy bling-bling for the top of the cookie when you can make the inside of the cookie sparkle too?

Just toss a cup of non-pareils, sprinkles, jimmies or sugar thingamajigs into the dough immediately after adding the dry ingredients and give the dough a few more spins before rolling and cutting. If you add the candies earlier in the mixing process the moisture can make the candy coloring  bleed into the dough causing the pop of splattered color to be lost.


Remember, true beauty is found on the inside.
People. Cookies.
I’m sure the same principle applies.

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7 Responses to “Christmas Cookie Bling”

  1. Susan said:

    You just made my day Anita! I am not one who likes all the sweet icing, and this is the perfect solution!

  2. anita said:

    Susan, I love that you said that! One of the things I like about making different flavored cookies is so they taste yummy without icing (like when pressing cookies in molds, etc.

  3. Christine Shen - Sug said:

    What a GREAT idea! Now I know what to do with all of the wonderful free sprinkles I get from Karen's Cookies! 🙂

  4. anita said:

    Christine, great idea! I actually forgot I have bags of Karen's free sprinkles in a cupboard! And putting a child's favorite color in their birthday cookies…always a BIG hit!

  5. Katydoescookies said:

    Brilliant Anita!!!! Love the idea!! Uses up sprinkles too…so I can buy some more:) –Katy

  6. Kenni said:

    This is a great idea to dress up simpler cookies!

  7. Paula said:

    Great idea. Kids of all ages will love these.

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