Cookie Collage One

Date October 22, 2011

It’s been a month since I posted last but I pinky swear I’m going to start posting more regularly. I am. I really am. Promise. It’s just that when I get blasted with cookie orders I can’t get my hands out of the cookie dough long enough to post and okay, there’s another reason I haven’t had the time to post much which can be summed up in one word. One single word. Pinterest. ‘Nuff said.

So here are some of the cookies I’ve been working on playing with since last I posted.

Cameron’s Sweet 16 Birthday

I never said I was brilliant. Adorable? Yes. Charming? Unquestionably. Witty? Uproariously so. At least in my own mind. But the brightest bulb on the tree? Not so much. As evidenced by this pathetic admission….

It wasn’t until I had selected all the cookie shapes, baked them, and was half way through decorating them when I realized I wasn’t just making sweet-treat cookies for Cameron’s birthday but for her SWEET 16 birthday! Are you getting what I’m saying here? I didn’t intentionally choose cookie designs to represent a sweet 16 birthday. I just happened to choose sweet-themed designs (mainly because I wanted to take my chocolate kiss cutter out for its inaugural run) and put two and two together half way through the process.

I shouldn’t have admitted that I can sometimes be dense as a doorknob. But there you go. A doorknob moment.

Erin and Tim Get Married

I’m going to go out on a limb and say these bird cage wedding favor cookies took me longer than any other cookies I’ve made up to now. Along with the packaging, the details and the generally ginormous size of the cookies themselves I added up a few snaffus that made it quite the learning experience, and by learning experience I mean I learned that I’m never going to make 120 ginormous bird cage cookie favors again.

But for this particular bride and groom, it was my honor to do them.

Jungle Favors for Birthday Number One

I loved making these cookies. Loved the colors, the design and most of all having a chance to use up some of the vast array of candy bling I’ve compulsively purchased and stored away like a cookie chipmunk.

Cookies for Another Cookie Artist’s Birthday Who Has A Strangely Disturbing Attraction to Cows*

*Not that that’s a bad thing.

Three cows standing in a field. Commence tipping.

We can either play “Which One Is Not Like the Others” or join our voices together in a rousing rendition of “I Never Saw A Purple Cow.” You choose.

Would it be tacky for me to comment on how adorable these cows are when I’m the one who made them? I thought so. Forget what I just said.

I just took one cow image from a color paper online and shifted him around on the cookie ala Sugarbelle’s Peeking Bunnies.

Strangest Set of Cookies To Date

Mom wanted cookies for her two adult children who just moved into a house together. The daughter attends CSU and is studying criminal psychology. The son works at Build-A-Bear Workshop and is a Broncos fan. It was so weird I didn’t even take a photo of them altogether so follow me along on this little bizarre-o cookie journey with me, if you will…if you can.

Son and Daughter: Welcome to your new house!
The house is a replica of the house they’re renting in terms of color, placement of windows, plants growing in the boxes, but unlike the cookie their house doesn’ thave the jolly puffy shape but wouldn’t it be totally awesome if it did?

Daughter: CSU Ram.
Thank you Kopykake, thank you.

Son: Broncos fan.
Whatever. I care less about football or any competitive sports for that matter than a cloistered monk in Tibet but at least I can make decent sports cookies.
Go Broncosblahblahblah.

Daughter: Criminal psychology.
I’m not a big fan of CSI but my spouse loves them all.
CSI: Miami. CSI: New York. CSI: Las Vegas. CSI: Toledo Ohio. CSI: Fantasy Island.
If I watch any of them at all it’s CSI: Las Vegas, which has less to do with the intriguing work of Crime Scene Investigation and more to do with Marg Helgenberger. She’s no Mariska Harigitay but she still pretties up your average blood and guts crime scene. Speaking of which, while David Caruso couldn’t annoy me more than he does I’ll still watch CSI: Miami on occasion just so I can scream along with the opening music. I realize that just sailed over your head if you aren’t a hardcore CSI-er. You ask, “What does any of this have to do with cookies?”  Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Son: Build-A-Bear Workshop

I used my Wilton Stackable Bear Cookie Cutter Set  and then couldn’t figure out how to attach the cookies so they’d hold together in shipping. That’s when the thought slipped into my head to let him build his own Build-A-Bear cookie. Necessity the mother of invention and all that.

Alrighty Campers. That’s all for now because the most recent episode of Showtimes new series “Homeland” is on and as much as I’m enjoying being with you, I need to focus so I can stay up on the plot line. It’s all about having your priorities in order People. More cookies to come….oh, and did I mention I’m going to have a rockin’ giveaway real soon? Well, I am. And only those of you who stuck with this to the end, yes, both of you, have a heads up on it.

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7 Responses to “Cookie Collage One”

  1. LilaLoa said:

    Yeay!! You're back! I'm still laughing about the Sweet Sixteen cookies!! I'm glad I wasn't the only one!

  2. Margaret Cotrim said:

    Good to see you back. Pinterest here too…so fun!!

  3. sue said:

    You do such amazing things with sugar:) And for such a great cause. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Lizzy said:

    Where did you get your cow cookie cutters? the one in the 2nd picture?

  5. Ghada Hamdan said:

    Where did you get your cow cookie cutter that’s in the 3rd picture?

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