Cute Critter Cookie Cutters: The Sequel

Date August 22, 2012

There wasn’t anything good on television the other night which left me looking for things to do which is why I re-visited the Toys R Us website. It was midnight with Paypal only a click away.

Sooo…..Remember my last post when I confessed to ordering 40 of the foil-wrapped critter cookie cutters even though I knew telling you would probably result in a significant number of you thinking to yourself, “Now that’s a little excessive!”

The thing is, 40 really isn’t all that excessive when you compare it against, oh, I don’t know. Silent pause.Β  Maybe when you compare it toΒ  ordering 100 foil-wrapped critter cookie cutters. After you’ve already purchased 40. And it’s midnight. And Paypal is only a click away.

And so it happened that last night the UPS driver knocked on our door with a small brown box and in that box were 100 more foil-wrapped Little Miss Muffin Surprise Pets.

I lack all impulse control.

With 100 little bundles of obsessive-behavior spread out on the table before me I picked up one lone package and opening it with a pair of scissors (I nearly uprooted a molar ripping open the original 40), I looked inside and what did I see?

Go ahead and guess. Go with your gut. Trust your inner voice.

The very first critter cutter freed from it’s shiny prison was the very one I was missing. . .
the cat! The Cat in the Pack!

How perfectly serendipitous!
Refer to previous post ifΒ perfectly serendipitous sailed right over your head.

And so after I tucked the kitty away securely in my cookie cutter storage with the original cast of eleven, I commenced to opening the rest.

Okay, okay. Maybe it’s a just a tad excessive by a smidge or two.
Or a hundred.

But don’t judge me because this kind of obsessive need for cookie cutters is a win for my therapist and a win for you because all the cutters you see before you . . . I’m giving away.

Maybe to you!

So here’s all you need to do to enter. Just add a comment below guessing the number ofΒ  complete sets of 12 critter cutters that were in that heaping full box of 100 packages. How many complete sets do you think there are? You have until I finish my morning coffee on Friday to enter your guess and at that time or at least after I’ve showered and dressed (in something snappy no doubt) I’ll randomly choose as many winners from those who guessed the correct number as I have complete sets to give away.
One entry per person and the contest is limited to those parts of the world that don’t require filling out a customs forms when shipping from the U.S.
I hate filling out customs forms.

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84 Responses to “Cute Critter Cookie Cutters: The Sequel”

  1. Mignonne Bakker said:

    I think there where 6 complete sets

  2. Kim R said:

    My guess is 6

  3. sherie said:

    Six? They are sooo cute who could resist?

  4. Cindy Horst said:


    Thank you!


  5. Michelle Ingoldsby said:

    I'm going to guess that you have 7 complete sets. Pick me pick me!!!

  6. Louise Scott said:

    Dearest Anita, you do not lack self control, you had this in mind all the time!

    At least that is what you tell the beautiful Dana. Heheheee. I doubt that there

    Were no more than 6. I am so glad that you finally got that adorable cat. Take care and have fun! Louise

  7. Nate James said:

    I guess 6

  8. Cherie C said:

    I guess 5 sets!

  9. Valerie said:

    I guess…. ummm….. 4!!

  10. Dixie L said:

    6 complete sets

  11. Karen Meister said:

    My guess is 9!! and congratultions on your growing "family" LOL

  12. Marlene C said:

    I think there were 7! What a great giveaway…I'd even be happy with a incomplete set!!! πŸ™‚

  13. carolina w. katu said:

    8 juegos de 12


  14. Patty said:

    My guess-8

  15. Cari said:

    Im guessing my favorite number…5!

  16. Maria said:

    my guess is 4 complete sets. your post reminds me of the last time I ordered pme tips… should have taken a picture of all the pretty, shiny guys… all 30 of them! We're out of control!

  17. Viveca Sierra said:

    My guess is 7

  18. Molly said:

    I didn't think I needed these cutters when Sugarbelle first spotlighted them, but they keep getting cuter and cuter! I guess 5 sets. Thanks for sharing your bounty…

  19. Barbara Stoklasa said:

    I'm guessing, there were at least 7 complete sets. =)

  20. Kim @ The Cookie Puz said:

    ANITA! NO wonder I can not find these cutters….you have them all…I went to my local Toys R Us….and they had 8….so that is all I have…..and 3 of those are duplicates….so I guess I will have to order some…unless, I win some from you….then you can just send me a set…and can tell my husband that I won them…because he does not growl when I WIN cutters…but grumbles pretty loudly when I BUY them….so…if I don't win a set from you…I am going to order them…then have them shipped to you…then you can box them up and send them to me…with a cute note that say "Congrats, Kim on winning these cookie cutters…Happy Baking, Anita"….see….that would work…I think we should start a "cookie cutter laundering group"…that way our spouses don't know that we actually buy cutters…they are all just gifts and prizes..WIN WIN!

    Anyhoo….My guess is 6! 6 complete sets in the box of 100….but I would bet that you have several sets that are "almost" complete too!

  21. Shiyanne said:

    I am going to go with 6 πŸ™‚ Don't feel bad…I bought a TON of them, and I STILL am missing the frog and the cow LOL…I think I got all the cat ones you were looking for too! Love your blog…you always make me smile!!

  22. Betty Jo said:

    My guess is also 6 complete sets. These are the cutest cutters!

  23. Claudia said:

    My guess is 4.

  24. Stephanie said:

    My guess is 4.

  25. Sarah Rose said:

    Yippee! How super-de-duper fun! My girls would LOVE those cookie cutters and their buddies!

    I would guess that you got 6 complete sets out of your box of 100.

    Thanks for having this super fun give away!!

    Perfectly serendipitous!!

  26. Jenny said:

    Not many have guessed 5 — so that's what I'll go with. That would be awfully unlucky out of 100, but I'm pretty unlucky sometimes myself, so 5 is my answer.

  27. Liz :) said:

    I'm guessing 5 complete sets in the box of 100. And I love how when you put your mind to something, you get it done in a big way!!!

  28. kaholly said:

    I'm thinking maybe 5 complete sets.

  29. Robin Overbay said:

    6 seems to be the common answer. I just want one of the bees,one of the bears for my granddaughters.. Jovi "B" and Zoe "Bear"…. wish there was a ladybug for Victoria "Bug". looks like you are having fun. I am impressed with your drive and creativity.

  30. Laura said:

    Ok, I will give this a go. I am going to guess 6, as well.

  31. Kimi B said:

    I'm guessing 5. any more than that would have been miraculous

  32. Diane (Cookie Friend said:

    My guess is 5 complete sets

  33. Brandi G. said:

    I think 7! WOuld love to win a set!

  34. Joyful Cookies said:

    Probably 6 sets. I can't imagine wjat the hubby would day if a box of 100 cutters showed up on my door! πŸ™‚ I would have to hide all the evidence!

  35. Jan S. said:

    I will guess you have 5 sets. When Sugarbelle posted it on her site. I went on-line that day and ordered 24 (she did say he ordered 30 and got to complete sets). So, I figured 24 should get me a set. I was wrong…I am still missing the cow and butterfly.

  36. Denise said:

    I'm thinking there were 4 complete sets!

  37. Donna B. said:

    OK….here's my S.W.A.G…."Scientific Wild-A$$uming Guess"….and I will say 7 sets…..

    Blessings, Donna B.

  38. Adi said:


    So sweet…

  39. Kris said:

    I am guessing 5 complete sets, because I like odd numbers…

  40. Diana Bocanegra said:

    Aside from the fact that these cookie cutters are too cute, I have to make a guess of 8 complete sets of 12..Then you have a few extra duplicates. But yea…Cookies…Cute cookie cutters…Oh yea!!!

  41. Lauren said:

    5 complete sets πŸ™‚

  42. Shawna said:

    This is better than being on the Price is Right!

    I will go with 5.

  43. Theresa said:

    I'm going to say only 2 complete sets! πŸ˜‰

  44. Lexy said:

    I'll try number five…..what a rip that is though. Unless the company knows you blogged about them and obviously sent them many new customer then I'd hope they would have about 8 sets….But I'll stick with my original 5

  45. Laura Raastad said:

    I guess 3

  46. karenb said:

    I like to be optimistic, so I'll guess 7 complete sets(fingers crossed!).

  47. Melissa said:

    My guess is 6 sets!

  48. Dotty said:

    I think it is absolutely hilarious that you ordered 100 more! And opened them all up (like a kid at Christmas no doubt)!

    I have a near complete set myself.

    I'm guessing 6!

  49. Rebecca said:

    I will guess 9 sets…

  50. Stevie said:

    I am going to guess 6 sets

  51. Colleen said:

    I guess 5.

  52. Sheryl Busse said:

    How you make me laugh out loud!! I say there is 4 sets

  53. Sophia Maounis said:

    My guess is 6. And don't worry about customs forms; plain post-office mail will do. Or, this is a very good excuse for summer vacation. Grab your bathing suit, shove it in a bag with those cutters and get down here. I promise you long beaches, beautiful waters, warm sun and lots of margaritas πŸ˜‰ (and in case you didn't get it, yes, I'm sucking up to you LOL!!!)

  54. Diane said:

    How fun :)))

    I'm going to guess 8 sets !!!

  55. Joni said:

    My guess is 5.

    PS – I LOVE your site. Wishing you continued success!

  56. Julie said:

    Hmmm I'll guess 7…ish

  57. Glenda J said:

    My guess is 5 sets….fighting the urge to change that to 4,,,,ummmmm … your cookies

  58. Judy Lewis said:

    Im guessing 8! I'm not a math whiz though!

  59. Sue Bobo said:

    Seven. I guess 7. Oh! I am just collecting cookie cutters! That would be awesome! This reminds me of something I would do! I am obsessive about stuff like this! Rock on!

  60. Kari said:

    My guess is 5 sets.

  61. Michele said:

    I never guess these things right. Ever. Don't even get me started on those darn "how many jellybeans are in the jar" games. So….3?? 4??? 2?!? ok, Final answer…3. πŸ™‚

  62. wendy said:

    I guess 7…lucky number 7!! I don't have any πŸ™ I would love to have a set!

  63. Stephanie said:

    I think 6!

  64. nima brittain said:

    i guess 5 full sets they r so cute

  65. Marta said:

    Wow! that's dedication! I'm guessing 3.

  66. Lynnette Martinez said:

    I think you managed to get 5 complete sets!

  67. Natalie Alt said:

    I'll say 5! And I have a US shipping address even though I live in Canada. Would that be OK? Just gives me an excuse to HAVE to cross the border.

  68. holly said:

    I say 8. Yep that's what I say.

  69. Denise said:

    I'll say 5 sets.

  70. Teresa said:

    I'm going to guess 5 complete sets!!!

  71. Tooba said:

    My ANSWER 6

  72. Christy G said:

    I going to guess 5. Why? I don't know. I ordered 50 of these little buggers and still do not have 1 complete set! Was hoping for 2 complete sets and still do not have a single cow or money! 6 bears, 6 bees, 7 peguins, 6 dogs, 5 bunnies, 5 frogs round out the leaders in my two deliveries. And the kicker? The 2nd order (20 of the 50) gave me not one complete set, but two of the 10 cuties I already had! After I was after pretty pink foil bags to open, I looked over my piles and realized I could just put an ark next to them and start piling then in, 2 by 2! LOL!

    So I'm hoping you have 5 sets. And I'm not too late. And if not, I can find a cow and monkey…or two. And not pay more than the $5 being asked on eBay. Seriously! And more than $6 for one unopened foil bag! I'm banned from buying more and I showed that to DH – at least I wasn't paying those rates, lol!

  73. Sarah @ Klickitat St said:

    I actually just went to Toys R Us today to look for these and they were all out!

    I'm going to guess 7 sets and hope hope hope I win!

  74. Michele said:

    My guess is 3 complete sets.

  75. Oreo James said:

    I'm guessing 7. πŸ™‚

  76. Melody James said:

    I'll say 5.

  77. Jamie James said:

    How about 4.

  78. Heather said:

    I'd say 6.

  79. Nicole Burris said:

    hmmm I guess …6

  80. Laurie said:

    Six complete sets. That is all.

  81. Linda said:

    Am I too late?!

    These are so cute. I'm going to guess 6 sets!

  82. Neha said:

    I guess 6

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