DON’T Play With Your Food!

Date August 27, 2012

What a stupid dumb rule!

Don’t run with scissors. You could poke out an eye doing that.

Don’t touch the burner on the stove. You could burn your fingers.

Don’t run across the street without looking. You could get hit by a truck, a car, or a low flying plane. Or Dumbo. It could happen.

All those rules make sense but don’t play with your food? Because what? Is there some hidden danger in playing with food I’m missing? Is there any potential harm that could require stitches or a midnight run to emergency?

I don’t think so.

But go ahead if you must and squelch your child’s food follicking but I implore you to at least have the common decency to set a good example, because as much as it pains me to say this my parents were hypocrites.

Let’s break this down. A lifesaver is food (by loose definition) and so it follows that when a lifesaver is placed on a toothpick between a pair of lips and then passed to another toothpick on another set of lips that behavior falls under the category of playing with your food. And yet, I don’t blame my parents. They simply set a standard that couldn’t be kept, not by me, and as this photographic evidence will attest, not by them.

And not by you. Admit it. You know you want to play with your food. Come on. Stir that scoop of ice cream until it’s soft and silky in the bowl. Stack your french fries on the plate like so many salty Lincoln Logs. Make a necklace with Fruit Loops and a strand of yarn and then wear it to a dinner party. A fancy dinner party. Make an open ketchup wound on your arm and then scream in mock agony until everyone comes running to see what’s wrong and then dramatically lick the ketchup off your arm before you fall apart in hysterics. Stick a wad of chewed gum on the end of your nose and after no less than three people have rolled their eyes at you pop it back in your mouth. Do you need more ideas for how to play with your food? Has it been too long since you put on your little girl panties and went to play town with a bag of gummy worms? Then here are some more ideas to help get you started.

How about a game of Pick-Up-Stick Cookies?

Maybe Cookie Horse Shoes?

Would you prefer to toss some Cookie Jacks instead?

Or are Cookie Marbles the way you roll?

If you don’t want to play with any of my cookie games, that’s not a problem because a whole bunch of my friends
have pulled out their toys and games in celebration of Play With Your Food Monday.

I know! I know! It’s too much to see all at once!
So much detail! So much talent! So many choices!!!
What to play with first!?!?!

To see each toy and game up close you can begin playing by heading over to Oh Sugar Events who coordinated this play day for us all. Thank you Angela!
Or better yet go on a real adventure by visiting each of the game and toy makers at their own toy shop!
(Update: My bad. Looks like I posted before the set time of 9:00 a.m. PST so you might wait until then to do your cookie tour!)

There’s . . .

Party Girl Angela over at Oh Sugar Events (Facebook)

Nicole, the human cookie machine at Life’s a Batch (Blog)

Kim at Kookie Kreations (Facebook – sha!)

Andrea aka Cupookie (Facebook)

Krista who makes Cookies with Character (Facebook)

Trinnette at TLC: Trinnie Loves Cookies but then, don’t we all? (Facebook)

Scrappy Samantha from Flour De Lis (Facebook)

Debbie’s riding high up at Mt. Lookout Sweets (Facebook) right

Hillary is regally reigning as The Cookie Countess (Facebook)

Liz is ready for her close up Mr. DeMille, over at Arty Mcgoo (Facebook)

Adorable Anne from Flour Box Bakery (Facebook)

Elizabeth is sharing the cookie love at Sweet Art Sweets (Facebook)

Funky Jill over at FCS: Funky Cookie Studio (Facebook)

Vicki’s causing trouble over at Sweet Tweets (Facebook)

Natalie’s doing her thang over at Palestine Painted Cookie (Facebook)

Darlin’ Jeannette’s rolling it out at Sweet Dough (Facebook)
The Queen of the Cutters, Callye of SugarBelle’s (Facebook)

And while you’re looking at their cookie play, I’m going to pack up my toys and go home!

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22 Responses to “DON’T Play With Your Food!”

  1. Paula said:

    Wow, what a great idea for a link up! I love your cookie game box and all your game cookies. Looking at the montage of all other wonderful cookiers certainly reinforces that cookie creativity is alive and thriving!

  2. trinnie said:

    I LOVED this project and I love each and every toy/game! What an awesome idea!

  3. RuthAnn said:

    I grew up with so many "Don't…" do this or that, and I finally learned it's "by grace are you saved…" PTL!

    Play all you can, even with your food! (but maybe don't run with scissors?)

  4. Donna B. said:

    What a cute idea and WAY entertaining! You girls are just beyond yourselves in talent…and being a tad bit "crazy" helps…hee, hee…..Love them!

    Blessings, Donna B.

  5. kaholly said:

    Just a little too clever for my skill level…..but maybe someday, if I keep practicing!!!

  6. Liz @ Arty McGoo said:

    You are magical! and I bet all your cookie toys fit into that adorable toy box just like Mary Poppins bag! Love this set but especially the marbles. You are so so so so clever dearest Anita. LOVE collaborating with you 😀

  7. Oh, Sugar! said:

    So so great, Anita! I love all of them! xox

  8. Debbie said:

    I love those jacks! Oh the hours I spent playing jacks!! Thanks for the mention! And thanks for the memories! Love your cookies and love your wit and sense of humor. You are such an amazing person, I'm glad I get to call you my friend!

  9. Barb said:

    I know it's beside the point of the blog but how could you forget olives on your fingers?

  10. Jill Wettstein said:

    I love the way your brain works!

  11. Kim R said:

    You made such a fun set!! And don't think I didn't notice the sha behind my name! 😀 Sha!

  12. Cristin (Pinkie) of said:

    Oh Anita, this is such a fun post! I absolutely LOVE the idea of putting fruit loops on a necklace and going to a fancy party! And all your cookies are so fun with such creativity!

  13. Georganne (LilaLoa) said:

    I love your whole set! As always….your colors are so bright and happy and perfect. And the 3D toy box is the PERFECT addition!!

  14. Hillary said:

    Such a sweet post. Love the pictures!

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