Menu & Pricing

Cookie price (donation) is determined by the detail and design of your specific cookie order. While the ingredients may be the same from order to order, the amount of hours spent on creating unique custom-designed cookies can vary greatly. The donation amounts listed are the average based on the orders I’ve done to this point and include decorating medium to large cookies (3 to 4.5 inch) using 3 or 4 colors of icing and a moderate amount of detailing and embellishments (sanding sugar and tiny decorating candies). You will receive a quote on your cookie order upon completion of the online inquiry form. Information regarding shipping is at the bottom of this page.

Sweet Hope Cookies by the Dozen

A dozen custom decorated cookies created around the occasion or theme of your choice. This would include up to 3 cookie shapes, 3-4 colors, and 1 cookie flavor.  Cookies are presented on a clear plastic serving platter for local orders. I’d be glad to replace one of the cookies with a large plaque or theme-appropriate cookie to personalize with a name or brief message at no extra charge. Unless otherwise requested each cookie comes individually heat-sealed in a poly or cellophane bag to ensure freshness.

Donation: Cookies by the dozen begin at 48.00 with all money going to the ALS Association, Oregon – SW Washington Chapter. The standard flavor for cookies is vanilla bean-almond sugar cookies but chocolately cocoa sugar cookies are available upon request.

Cowboy Birthday by the Dozen

Cigars by the Dozen


Monkeys and Bananas by the Dozen

Hearts and Flowers by the Dozen


Sweet Hope Cookies By the Cookie

These are highly personalized cookies uniquely designed for gift-giving. I will work with you on creating just the perfect gift for any occasion. No two cookies will be alike (unless you want them to be) and there’s no limit on color.

Donation: Due to the unique design of each cookie  and the variation in size and detail an estimated donation would be provided at the time of inquiry.  Typically large custom-designed cookies fall in the range of 4.00-5.00. Minimum order is 1/2 dozen.

Individually hand cut and designed Ugly Doll Cookies

Designed around a poem imagery for a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary.

A quilt of cookies for a special retirement

Sweet Hope Cookie Favors

Individually wrapped cookies tied with coordinating ribbon as thank you, wedding, shower, and party favors. You may also request individually personalized cookies that will be snugly sealed in a clear bag without a ribbon to be used for table place settings.

Donation: Cookie favors begin at 4.00 with a possible adjustment in donation based on cookie design and detail. Cookies are placed in a clear cellophane bag with color coordinated paper shred and ribbon. The minimum order for favors is one dozen unless part of a larger order. An additional charge of 15 cents for each personalized cookie. For an additional donation I offer a number of packaging options including top cards, as well as clear pillow, square and round individual boxes.


Sweet Hope Cookie Pops

Individually wrapped cookies are presented on lollipop sticks and tied with a colorful ribbon. Perfect for adding to a floral bouquet, centerpiece, or handing out as individual gifts.

Donation: Cookie pops begin at 4.00 with a possible adjustment in donation based on cookie design and detail. Lollipop sticks are 12-inches long and can easily be shortened with scissors to meet your purpose. The minimum order for cookie pops is one dozen unless part of a larger order. An additional charge of 15 cents for each personalized cookie.

.Sweet Hope Sweetie Bites

Bite-size cookies in one and two-colors sold by the dozen. Great for sharing with party guests and co-workers. Great as a small hostess or thank you gift. Perfect for nibbling all by yourself!

Donation: 10.00 per dozen. Minimum order of four dozen unless part of a larger order.