Monkey Mania

Date September 7, 2012

This is going to be a defining moment in our relationship.
This is the post where you will be forced to decide for yourself,
am I to be admired for being such an enthusiastic cookie decorator
or am I to be pitied and sedated for being oUt oF ConTroL.

Judge me if you must.

Last week Hillary, the Cookie Countess, whom I choose to call Her Majesty, My Friend, shared a photo over on Facebook of the new Paul Frank toys McDonald’s is currently offering in their Happy Meals including this Julius tin and standing calendar.

As soon as I saw her photo of my most favorite monkey boy in the whole wide world the synapses in my cerebral cortex lit up like an apron on fire. My first thought . . . “I love Julius.” My second thought . . . “Those would make awesome cookie cutters! I don’t have a Julius cookie cutter! I need a Julius cookie cutter! I must have one! I must have one now!”

There was just one problem. I didn’t want a Happy Meal. With all due respect to McDonald’s, where I ate my weight in Fish Fillet Sandwiches by the age of 16, I don’t do happy meals and going and adopting a child to feed a Happy Meal to just so I could rip the toy from their chubby little hand seemed a little extreme even to me but still, I would not be deterred. I wanted Julius and some of my other cookie friends wanted Julius and so Julius it would be!

And then guess what happened! Go on! Guess!

Standing in front of the counter under the Golden Arches I discovered with a joy so profound that a squeal escaped me before I could stop it, that you can buy a Happy Meal toy without buying a Happy Meal!

And so I did.

Yeh, I know. Shades of Little Miss Muffin Surprise Pets. I know that’s what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I have no impulse control. You’re thinking I don’t know when to stop. You’re thinking I’ve only scraped the surface of the bottomless pool of personal issues in therapy.

But wait. Before you judge me, you should probably know something else.

I bought that first pile of Julius cookie cutters hidden in the guise of tins and standing calendars and then . . .

I went back.
And I bought more.

Lots more.
Commence judging, but while you’re sketching out an effective treatment plan for my mental health I’m going to continue on as though this behavior is completely rational and normal. Because in my world it is. And unicorns fly over marshmallow clouds.

To transform my Julius tin and standing calendar into bona fide cookie cutters I first punched a few holes into the bottom half of the tin using an ice pick as well as cutting a handle on the top of the plastic calendar top with a box opener. These openings let the trapped air escape, allowing the cookie dough shape to be easily released from the cutter.

Once the punching and cutting was done it was all about making Julius cookies.

Brown sanding sugar = monkey fuzz

Which one is not like the others?

I love my Julius cookies and they were so fun and easy to make. In fact, the only thing more fun than making Julius cookies is . . .

wait for it . . .
wait for it . . .

giving away Julius cookies!

Yep! These little guys are all bagged and boxed and ready to come to one of your homes to play.

Here’s all you have to do to enter to win . . .
Are you ready? Pay attention.

Right now, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with,
make like a monkey for 10 seconds. I’m not talking some little half-hearted “ooo ooo” under your breath. Oh noooooo.
I’m talking full out monkey! And don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about so reach up right now and scratch the top of your head with your right hand while you scratch under your left arm with your left hand and go monkey crazy. For 10 looooooong seconds.

At the office.
In your kitchen.
Waiting in line at the grocery store.
In the dentist’s waiting room.
Just do it. NOW.
Call on your inner monkey, chimpanzee, orangutan or ape and get your funky primate on!

Once you’ve monkeyed for 10 seconds, just add a comment below saying “I did the monkey!” and then on Sunday around mid-day (PST) I’ll choose one name randomly and announce the winner here and on Facebook.

Oh. And I almost forgot. After giving away the piles of Julius tins and standing calendars to some of my equally cookie cutter crazy friends I ended up with five sets left over and so if you’d like me to send you one of the sets, enter a separate comment that reads, “I love me some Julius.” Same deal. On Sunday I’ll draw five names randomly and announce the winners here and on Facebook.

You know what I love about this giveaway?
To enter to win you, a responsible grown adult, have to pretend to be a monkey which makes you somewhat crazy too.
I love that. It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside.

Oh, and I should mention this contest is only open to those monkeys people living in the United States. I don’t know…maybe I should have told you that upfront but those of you living outside of the U.S. might not have monkeyed had you known and to monkey to win cookies is one thing, but to monkey with no chance of winning….oh….here comes another rush of warmth and squishiness.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Do the monkey!

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43 Responses to “Monkey Mania”

  1. Jamie C. said:

    I need these cookies!! Too stinkin' cute!! And yes, I DID THE MONKEY! I'm at my desk at work and I DID THE MONKEY!

  2. kaholly said:

    Thank goodness I was all alone in my kitchen when I DID THE MONKEY! You are too funny. I so enjoy your dialogue.

  3. kaholly said:

    I love me some Julius. (I live under a rock and I don't know who Julius is. I'd better google him! Fortunately, there's internet under my rock!!.)

  4. Kelly said:

    I did the monkey, @the home with my small children but it still counts! They joined in and loved it!! Lol i love me some Juilius!!!

  5. Kelly said:

    Whoops, SEPERATE being the key word… i love me some julius! Lol

  6. Monica said:

    I did the monkey in my kitchen! I scared my dog! Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! Ooo! Ooo!…

  7. Monica said:

    And I love me some Julius! Yeah! 🙂

  8. Valerie said:

    My office partner thinks I'm crazy! But I did the monkey!!!

  9. Valerie said:

    ….. And, I love me some Julius!!!

  10. Jen said:

    I did the monkey! My puppy joined in, too! He never judges ÷./me.

  11. Ann said:

    I did the monkey, and my dog thought I was going crazy!!!

  12. Joni said:

    "I did the monkey" . . . And . . .

  13. Joni said:

    . . . "I love me some Julius!". :o)

  14. karenb said:

    Cute!! Cute!! Cute!!! I love the monkey cookies!!!

    I did the monkey(and my dog went crazy!!).

    “I love me some Julius.”

  15. karenb said:

    I was into doing "the monkey" and messed up on the instructions!! LOL

    Here's my 2nd post:

    “I love me some Julius.”

  16. Donna B. said:

    YOU, my dear, are "certifiable"….and I am sure that is what we all love about you, Anita! lol Now, at 63 years old, the only way I would even consider "doin' the monkey" would be in the privacy of my smallest bathroom in the far end of the house! Honestly, I have no clue who Julius is and I also would have to google it…….so, have fun with this contest and sharing these cute cutters….the cookies are adorable! (I like some of the Happy Meals and will see if our Mickey-Dees has them)…….Blessings, Donna B.

  17. Stephanie said:

    I did the monkey.

  18. Jeniffer N said:

    I did the monkey along with my 5 year old twins! We of course carried on much longer then 10 seconds…. But we had fun!

  19. Shaunna Easton said:

    I did the monkey!!!!! Those cookies are adorable my kids would love them.

  20. amy said:

    happypants is going on vacay and she's monkey giddy!!

  21. Kim @ The Cookie Puz said:

    I did the Monkey!

    I am not sure which is worse….that I did the monkey…or that I did the monkey to get cookies…..sad….just sad!

  22. Kim @ The Cookie Puz said:

    “I love me some Julius"

  23. jenny said:

    I want those cookies bad enough that, yes, I did the monkey. Luckily I'm only ever around my small children.

  24. Jan S. said:

    I did the "monkey" as my husband walked out of the bathroom…he asked me "what the heck are you doing?" I told him I love Julius…he gave me a wired look and said "I'll go outside and water the plants".

  25. Jan S. said:

    I love me some Julius

  26. Betty Jo said:

    Yes – I did the Monkey! My cats did look at me kind of odd while I was doing it. 🙂

  27. Michelle said:

    As usual another hilarious post and these cookies are gorgeous! My daughter loves all things Julius and after dancing round the kitchen telling her Iwas entering a competition to win a Julius cutter (then remembered I don't live in the States) she went to fetch her dad telling him :mum is one sandwich short of a picnic and reckons Cookies are turning me mad. Anyway maybe I could still enter and if I got picked you could slip the cutter into your suitcase for CC.

  28. Paula said:

    Not entering. No judging your propensity to over-purchase on cutters or things to make into cutters. Just admiring…immensely!

  29. Carmel said:

    I did the monkey!

    You are SOOOO-OOO-OOO-OOO creative!

  30. Carmel said:

    I love me some Julius.

  31. Kim (Barefoot n Baki said:

    I love Julius! I did the monkey and now my 2 boys are jumping around like the little monkeys they are.

  32. Valere said:

    Yes… I did the monkey. Here in my car in the drive through at the pharmacy. After I did it the line seemed to go faster for some reason. lol

    Love the cutters and cookies. 🙂

  33. Jo said:

    I did the monkey!

  34. Jo said:

    I love me some Julius!

  35. Hillary said:

    Oh!! I love this post! Brilliant idea on cutting them!!!! Can't wait to use mine. I hope they look half as good as your monkeys!

  36. Betty Jo said:

    Oh – I love me some Julius!

  37. Waleska Nieves said:

    I did the monkey, Oh my God since then I haven't done this jajaja, You are sooo funny. I would love to win those cookies, my stepgrandon 1rst birthday is about monkeys, this would be perfect!!!! and the cookie cutters too!!!

  38. Waleska Nieves said:

    “I love me some Julius.” this would be sooo perfect my grandson's birthday!!!

  39. Tara Bell said:

    I did the monkey with my 1 year old!!! Your cookies are beyond adorable 🙂

  40. Natalie Puikkonen said:

    I did the Monkey and loved it!

  41. Natalie Puikkonen said:

    I love me some Julius. Such fun cookies! Thanks for sharing.

  42. nathan james said:

    I did the monkey!

  43. Anna said:

    I did the monkey…at work!