New Cookie Flavors Giveway

Date December 6, 2012

For the last few days I’ve been in the kitchen tweaking five new cookie flavors.

Coconut Dream to the Third Power
Peppermint Mocha Latte
Christmas Eve Wassail
Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows
Not My Grandma’s Fruitcake Two Ways (Kids and Adult Version)

These are flavors that have been floating around in my cookie head for a while now and after a few fails and looking in the oven more than once only to mutterΒ  “Oh my, I hadn’t anticipated THAT would happen!” I’m happy with how the flavors came together and even more excited to share them with you in the coming days.

But first . . .Β  I’m seating here with trays of test cookies I need to get out of the house. I’ve already individually bagged each cookie, cushioned them in bubble wrap, and sealed them up in three separate shipping boxes for three. of. you. That’s two dozen cookies, of five different flavors, for three of you.

So here’s whatcha gotta do to enter to be a winner winner chicken dinner . . .

1. Live in these here United States. Mama don’t want to fill out custom forms and pay a kazillion dollars in shipping overseas.

2. Go to this special holiday page for the ALS Association and spend a few minutes reading the stories of three families who know ALS up close and personal all too well.

3. And then, please . . . share that link on your Facebook page and if you don’t have a Facebook page, send an email with the link to five of your friends so they can see ALS through the eyes of Amie, Chris, and Pete.

And once you’ve done all that, come back here and in the comment section below share the name of the cause or organization you’re personally passionate about along with sharing a link to their website or Facebook page.

This Saturday at noon (PST) I’ll randomly choose three names from the comment section, and the winners will be announced on the Sweet Hope Cookies Facebook page. Be sure to check Facebook at that time to see if you’re a winner because I want to get the cookies out in the mail first thing on Monday morning. The sooner the fresher, the fresher the better, the better the happier we all will be!

Oh. And if you have some spare change and a twinge of wanting to do a really good thing, you can make a donation to the ALS Association through the secure
Sweet Hope Cookies ALS donation page.


If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed! Also, now that I have your attention, I invite you to learn more about ALS and The ALS Association, and to make a donation to help us defeat ALS. Together we will defeat it!

37 Responses to “New Cookie Flavors Giveway”

  1. Susan Speranza said:

    I am passionate about finding a cure for ALS.

  2. RuthAnn said:

    I support a number of worthwhile organizations, including one of my favorites, They not only help families in need around the world become independent and self-sufficient, but they teach those families how to help others. Read more about them here: and

    Many of my friends and family will be receiving a card from me with news of what they have "received" for Christmas. This year they are getting goats, sheep, chicks, and fruit trees!

  3. Megan L. said:

    I am passionate about mom's getting help after birth for Post Partum and support for pregnancy loss.

    I am no longer living in the Saint Louis, MO area, but I still donate to this wonderful organization

  4. Jamie C. said:

    Happy to share that link on my Facebook page, Anita! And not to brown nose to win these cookies, but since finding Sweet Hope Cookies, most of my support goes to The ALS Association. Aside from that, my hubby & I participate in the American Heart Association Heart Walk and the March for Dimes, March for Babies walk.

  5. Tina Ridge said:

    I support the ALS organization by raising money for the ALS Walk, Ski to Defeat ALS, and eating more Sweet Hope Cookies than any one person should. I love this website and everything you do for finding a cure for ALS.

  6. Michele R said:

    St Jude's Children's Hospital. I don't think children should have to suffer anything. I am a strong advocate for St Jude's and often through my at home business have a month where percentages of sales go to St Jude.

  7. Kim @ The Cookie Puz said:

    Cookies for YOU! Oh yeah..I could use some of those! Thanks for the chance to win.

    What am I passionate about….Cookies for Ipads of course….you can check them out on FB!

  8. Kris Giovannone said:

    What I am passionate about, Lung Cancer.. Lung Cancer Awareness, Lung Cancer Education, ending the Stigma attached to Lung Cancer, providing assistance to Lung Cancer survivors & their families, starting much needed support groups in every community around the country ( as there are virtually are none in existence), providing care packages to LC families.

    If I were to win, I don't want the cookies to be sent to me. I have a list a mile long a LC families waiting for a cookie care package. Since breaking my foot, I've gotten backed up. I'd love for it to be sent to one of them.

    The organization I'm honored to be a part of, have donated to in the past for one of their 5k's and have partnered with recently for a fundraiser is the Foundation. Their link can be found below. Please take a moment and visit their FB page.!/DustyJoy.o

  9. Paula said:

    I'm in Canada but not entering but I can imagine how wonderful your new flavoured cookie taste. I love how you use your cookies to raise funds and awareness for ALS, not only in Randy's memory but to also bring attention to families who are/have dealt with what your family has.

    Good luck to all who enter and congrats in advance to those who are lucky enough to taste your newest creations.

  10. Brandy said:

    This a a wonderful giveaway thanks for the chance. Finding a cure for cancers

  11. Annette Yu said:

    I am passionate about Icing Smiles & Juvenile Diabetes. My son & I are also enthusiastic donators to Soldiers Angels as well as being adopted families for them.

  12. Jennifer Bronston said:

    Your new flavors sound amazing! I'm passionate about the Northern Nevada Food Bank,

  13. Saxony said:

    This is so generous of you! I am passionate about animals and pets so I love the Humane Society.

  14. Jung Park said:

    only found your site today, being a new mom (3 months post partum) i cannot eat too many cookies, but what a treat to try one of each flavor and share the remainder with my co workers. Both my parents passed from cancer (colon and Hodgkins lymphoma) though i dont know any one who was stricken with or suffered with ALS (outside of sports stories/tragedies and the ones i read today, including your brother Randy), i cant imagine why anyone would buy decorated sugar cookies anywhere else when yours go to such a great cause, shipping outside the area might make the pricing too high for those of us not local to Portland, so i guess i can see why it could be an issue. truthfully decorated sugar cookies are a luxury anyways, lets be honest, these are a real treat and you tend to have the means if you are in the market to buy custom ordered cookies anyways..but i guess you could be a frugal bargain shopper like me ^_^

    My cause is for bone marrow donation/banking – it takes a swab, not like years ago when they actually had to draw blood to put you in the registry, a simple swab to see if you are a match for someone who has a form of blood cancer, you could save a life but simply seeing if you're a match, no money required, but a generous heart. and one more since im already writing a novel – – because animals cant fight for themselves and only asked to be loved, cared for…. or any local animal shelter near you, is always looking for donations/volunteers, sometimes all it takes is for you to walk the kennels and greet/play with each dog (or cat, im allergic to cats so i stick with the dogs) a bucket of treats and boy do they light up from the short visit and time you spent with them.

    Probably TMI but know you opened my eyes a bit more today to ALS, i always thought it was an athletes disease, most notably from constant head/spine injuries. now i seem like a total kiss arse .. oh wells πŸ™‚

    goodluck all!

  15. Lori Pelfrey said:

    Hi there πŸ™‚

    I am passionate about Cookies for IPads … I try and donate cookies as often as I can and every penny they take in goes into a fund for Ipads for non-verbal autistic children. The founder is a dear friend and when her son was diagnosed, she decided to bake and sell cookies to raise money for an Ipad for him. Through various apps, he went from only a word here and there to full sentences in no time! It has changed his world. She ended up connecting with other mothers and decided to start Cookies for IPads to meet a great need for autistic children in the area. Over 53 IPads have been given out so far!!!

    Hop on over and read her full story and see how cookies change lives πŸ™‚

  16. MaryKay said:

    i am passionate about ALS for you, Randy, and for Carole, my sister's friend, who lost her battle at too young of an age.

  17. Stephanie G. said:

    I lost my mom almost 2 years ago to cancer and it was horrible to watch her suffer. I wish we could find a cure so there would be no more suffering. Also my family are animals lovers and we hate seeing any animal being abused or mistreated so here are my two links to causes I support:

  18. Brenda Thomas said:

    I have lost several family members to cancer, my dad being the hardest. It was so hard knowing we were going to lose him because there was nothing they could do. Some other family members and close friends, it has been their children with the cancer. We MUST find a cure.

  19. Shawn Poe said:

    Hi Anita! πŸ™‚ The group close to my heart is the Brain Injury Alliance. I have a personal tie to them. One of my best girlfriends in Grafton, WI. was participating in a fundraising Harley motorcycle run for a Children's Aid Group when while in Illinois, on their way back home, they were hit by the front of a Tornado Warning Storm. Came around a corner, no trees, wind picked them up and they ended up crashing. Lori was thrown 200 yards on the pavement. She was in full protection gear but ended up with a broken back, leg, arm, mangled hands & "shaken baby syndrome" .. at 53. She was in a coma for 2 months. She is home now and learning how to function again. She is better but will never return to her former Glory. I just started "Cookying" a while ago .. and since I couldn't make it back to Wisconsin from Oregon for the Walk a Thon .. I made 4 dozen cookies and shipped them to the Walkers. πŸ™‚ It is amazing what effect something from the heart can do for someone. The cookies aren't as good as what you do!! LOL But, .. Here is what I did …

  20. Joni from SpringFlin said:

    I am passionate about LFCS. This organization provides support for birth parents, whether they create an adoption plan, or choose to parent their child. LFCS offers tangible help for a full year following the birth of the child. The goal is to provide nurturing of children and Christian care, regardless of whether the birth mom creates an adoption plan, but also if she chooses to raise the child. I donate dollars, and diapers, and items for layettes, etc. I have never sold a cookie, but I have donated trays of cookies and a gingerbread house for their annual fundraiser auctions. These folks are the real deal. Here's the link to my local office, but there may be a location near you.

  21. Michelle said:

    With every post we are reminded of Randy and it is so much more than cookies that I sometimes struggle to find the right words. You and your blog are a shining example of all that is good and kind in the world. You continue to inspire me as ever.

  22. Donna B. said:

    Through knowing you, Anita, and learning of all you have experienced through Randy's plight, I have become aware of ALS and been able to share more with others about this dreaded disease that also claimed a teacher's life in our small town. Didn't know much about it then.

    My personal support is always about breast cancer (I am a 12 year survivor and various others in my family have been affected – giving praise to God!) And the other that breaks my heart and claimed my mother is heart disease…

    May our help and determination in our respective areas make this world a better place.

    Now, about your cookies…..yum! I have been collecting Lorann's flavors everytime I come across them and have made a baking "resolution" to try your recipes this New Year! But, "samples" would help! lol

    Blessings, Donna B.

  23. Kristin said:

    My favorite charity is a local one. A friend of mine started this for children who have a very difficult life, whether from abuse, orphaned, or less fortunate than others. She is amazing, and please check out her website. Thank you!

  24. Mel said:

    I know what it is to go through trials (loss of a mate and then our son who was helped at Dana Farber) so I appreciate all your POSITIVE daily photos – beautiful work in every way !

  25. Amy said:

    Passion? Autism research and treatment. Dear to my heart for my sweet son who is diagnosed with autism, but certainly doesn't suffer from it. He enjoys life, and even says that his autism helps him tell people about Jesus because he's not scared of what they think of him. I love that Autism Speaks helps provide the resources to make life easier for those whose brains "work backwards" as my boy says…

  26. Melissa {thebakedequ said:

    I am passionate about our farm in the Sudan. There is 90% unemployment in Southern Sudan. We want to help provide jobs for the village we are working in. To teach them to sow their land and then sell their goods in the surrounding areas. I do all my baking to raise funds to support our farm manager and the efforts on the farm. We had been working for 2 years with the government for land. We were deeded 300 acres. We have begun the process of clearing the land to prepare for seeding.!/micah68sudan

  27. Terri Coleman said:

    I have been lucky enough in my life so far to be blessed with a healthy group of family and close friends, but not all of them have been so lucky. I alwayss try to support my friends and family and here are two worthy causes that I support.

    B.I.G. Love Cancer Care is a non-profit, volunteer based organization committed to providing basic necessities and personalized care to cancer kids and their families in Arkansas and Texas.
    It’s My Heart’s mission is to provide support, spread awareness, educate and advocate for those affected by Acquired and Congenital Heart Defects by creating alliances with fellow families, hospitals, support groups, and the community.

  28. Amy said:

    St. Jude Research Hospital (!/stjude?fref=ts). I am passionate about kids and it saddens me to see them sick, especially with cancer. One of the little boys in my niece's kindergarten class has Leukemia, he just finished his last treatment and is in remission. I am also passionate about Autism Awareness, (!/AutismAwarenessPage?fref=ts) one of the ladies I went to high school with has 2 kids that have been diagnosed with Autism. I support her in anyway I can even if its just saying "girl, you are strong"!

  29. karen said:

    We support Olive Crest –

    It is something our kids can get behind and in supporting them our kids are learning compassion because they feel for these children who need help.

    Since 1973, Olive Crest has transformed the lives of over 60,000 abused, neglected, and at-risk children and their families. We work tirelessly to meet the individual needs of kids in crisis by providing safe homes, counseling, and education for both youth and parents. Our many innovative programs reflect our conviction that strengthening the family is one of the most powerful ways to help heal children. With unwavering compassion, the Olive Crest family maintains a lifelong commitment to the youth and families we serve even after they have graduated from our programs.

    Established, proven, and respected, Olive Crest serves nearly 2,000 children and families each day throughout California, Nevada, and the Pacific Northwest.

    Our Mission: Olive Crest is dedicated to Preventing child abuse, to Treating and Educating at-risk children and to Preserving the family… “One Life at a Time.”®

  30. Amber said:

    I adore Save The Children. — they do so, so SO many things worldwide to help kids!!

    And I also love supporting personal causes — like this local family that is adopting an HIV+ child:

  31. Kris Giovannone said:


    I've been baking my good foot off all day (haha) trying to catch up on cookie care packages. I just sat down to take a break and wanted to take a minute to read some of the responses. It's always nice to hear about other people's passions… Over these past almost 2 yrs now I've often found myself consumed with my Lung Cancer advocacy that I hardly take a moment to notice the rest of the world.

    All of the stories have truly touched me and it's so wonderful to see so many getting involved with such wonderful causes. Those that say one person cannot change the world…well they surely have not met all these wonderful giving people.

    Now I want to take a moment and address your comment and offer to not me Anita but to the LC Survivor/Warriors that you will profoundly touch with your generous offer. On behalf of them, with a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes…I say…Thank you, Thank you so very very much. This means more than you will ever know. To some it may simply appear to be some cookies, to a person dealing with Lung Cancer….It it the greatest gift, it means, you are loved too, you are thought of, you are cared about and important too…You have not been forgotten!!!! That last one, That is the one that means the most, as often times they feel forgotten and alone…left to fight their disease by themselves in shame. As if they somehow deserved it or brought it on themselves. One simple act of kindness, such as an unexpected package of cookies delivered to their door restores their hope….

    Anita, I will be eternally grateful to you!!! And I am blessed beyond all belief to have you as my friend!!! You my dear are simply one in a million!!!!!

  32. Vic Tumbaga said:

    Cookies for a cause! Please be an organ donor, just check yes on your drivers license application/renewal you could save many lives with a simple check box.

  33. Jenny Harris said:

    Hi! I am passionate about Icing Smiles. They are an organization that provide very sick kids and/or their siblings with amazing free cakes for their Birthdays! Here is the link to their FB page: I have become a volunteer and am anxiously awaiting for my turn to make a cake!

  34. Laurie (Cookie Bliss said:

    Anita, I love your cookies and I love your passion for ALS and I mostly love how beautifully you combine the two in honor of Randy to further the fight against ALS for the countless other families devastated by it.

    So, what am I passionate about? Well, after having had the privilege of being a bone marrow donor and later the honor of meeting my recipient's family, I became a volunteer for the Make A Wish Foundation as my recipient had been a wish child. I saw what the power of a wish did for this family and was moved beyond words by it. I became a wish granter in 2001 and loved my time with the MAW organization.

    Lately my son and I have also become passionate about our local food bank. It is devastating to see the need in our little community – knowing we have neighbors who are hurting financially to the point they don't have enough food for their families. So spending a small amount of time together helping the food bank has become something we look forward to.

    Thank you for all you do, Anita, to spread good in this world. What a wonderful world this would be with more Anitas! ♥

  35. Kristy Resciniti said:

    CCFA – – Crohns & Colitis Foundation of America because both my father and I have been diagnosed within the past 2 years. Shared the ALS site with everyone on my email list as well as on my message board.