One Long Moment

Date December 17, 2012

National Blogging Day of Remembrance

Remembering those we miss though we never met them in their life time
and mourning with all those who knew and loved them
whose grief we can’t begin to imagine.

Charlotte Bacon, age 6

Daniel Barden, age 7

Olivia Engel, age 6

Josephine Gay, age 7

Ana M Marquez-Greene, age 6

Dylan Hockley, age 6

Madeleine F Hsu, age 6

Catherine V Hubbard, age 6

Chase Kowalski , age 7

Jesse Lewis, age 6

James Mattioli, age 6

Grace McDonnell, age 7

Emilie Parker, age 6

Jack Pinto, age 6

Noah Pozner, age 6

Caroline Previdi, age 6

Jessica Rekos, age 6

Avielle Richman, age 6

Benjamin Wheeler, age 6

Allison N Wyatt, age 6

Rachel Davino, age 29

Dawn Hochsprung, age 47

Anne Marie Murphy, age 52

Lauren Rousseau, age 30

Mary Sherlach, age 56

Victoria Soto, age 27

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2 Responses to “One Long Moment”

  1. Joni said:

    Amen. Thank you Anita. You are a class act.

  2. Felicia F. said:

    Less than a week has passed since this horrible event, and the tears still flow at any mention of it. Tears that flow along with the parents, siblings, students, grandparents, and neighbors of those lost. You said it as well as I have heard it. It is indeed hard to feel festive this year, but it is for my children, family and friends that the oven almost never rests this week. Everyone who comes to our door leaves with a tin of something yummy. Those lost will celebrate Christmas in Heaven this year. A pretty good gig for them, but not for those left behind. Our family prayers go out to all of them. My sons and I will be writing notes to the Cub Scout families (5 of them affected) in the local pack who lost 2 scouts and 3 siblings from the school. Those will be tough notes to write but a lesson learned about love and gratitude for my children. Your cookies are beautiful, btw. Love your blog. God bless you for your words.

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