One Sweet Cookie

Date March 1, 2013

Hey there! It seems like forever since we last got together and my apologies for that. I was a mad cookie flavor scientist up through the holidays and have a stack of flavors to share with you but I keep getting distracted from posting what with non-essentials demanding my time. You know. Those annoying must do chores like cleaning the house, paying bills, scraping cookie dough off the kitchen ceiling, making direct eye contact with my spouse, bathing, and leg shaving.

Did I take that too far with the leg shaving comment? Inappropriate topic for a cookie blog? My bad. My also stubby but again, I probably need to just refocus here for a minute on cookies.

Make that Cookie.
Our new schnoodle puppy.

She’s had us for two weeks and has managed to turn our lives upside down. The cats are nonpussed. All they care to know is the departure date for the thing and what we were ever thinking to let her in the house in the first place.


It’s like something out of  bizarro world that I’m co-parenting a dog since I’ve always considered myself a cat person. Cats are the best of everything. The require nothing but a litter box, an occasional roll in catnip, the top of your pillow at 3:00 a.m., a little food and a bowl of water and if you forget to leave out the water, no problem since there’s always a toilet bowl near by.  I mean, what’s not to love about cats besides their don’t-bother-me attitude? Not that I’m fond of fur balls but at least they’re self-contained for easy cleanup and removal.

Leg shaving. Toilet bowls. Fur balls. This is one classy blog. Be sure to mention that to your friends and family.

Cookie, full name Cookie Snickerdoodle Schnoodle Cadonau-Huseby, has almost convinced me that there resides deep within the core of my being trace elements of a dog person. A clear indication of this was the other morning when in pre-dawn darkness I found myself  standing on frost-covered terra firma slivering against the cold in cotton pajamas while chanting “go pee go pee go pee….good girl, you are such a good girl, yes you are, yes you are.” When Cookie finally dropped her furry behind and peed I was filled with such pride and joy as though she’s just crossed home base for the game winning run or performed flawlessly in her first piano recital. But of those two she did neither. Instead she peed. I have lost all perspective on life and for this reason should ever our paths cross in a public space and in coming near you overhear me talking baby talk to my dog, do me a favor. Slap me.
Thank you in advance.


Just so you know, during the time I’ve been writing, I took the puppy outside once to pee, threw the tennis ball across the living room more times than I have fingers and toes, smeared the inside of a rubber chew toy with peanut butter, sprayed the fringe on the entry way carpet with bitter oil in hopes of saving it from a teething puppy, and moved six trays of cookies in and out of the oven tripping over a bouncing puppy and her seven foot long leash every time on the path between my living room chair and the oven door.  All of this and blogging too was accompanied by the melodious harmonics of Relax My Dog, the canine equivalent of Rock A Bye Baby. At the moment it’s making me drowsy but not the dog.

If Cookie wasn’t here there would be nothing keeping me from turning my attention to the 80 plus cookies I need to get done between now and Monday morning but instead I’m watching an adorable little teddybear schnoodle chomp on a pig’s ear in the slivers of warm sunlight pouring in through the open backyard door which makes it all and all is a really nice way to spend an afternoon. The cats would beg to differ.

Anyway, my spouse and I are both so over the moon about our great little pup that I made a batch of cookies to send off to the breeders and staff at Smeraglia as a thank you. I used Cookies pink animal print sweater as inspiration.

Pink animal-print sweater. For a dog.
Someone slap me.








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12 Responses to “One Sweet Cookie”

  1. Donna B. said:

    I knew there was something missing from my life lately…'s you and your blog! Never a dull moment around you, is there? "Cookie" is darling! And the cookies are totally made from the heart….I love them all. Assuming that you are using your kopycake for the wonderful monograms and writing. Oh, I'm so tempted to get one! Nice to have you back and hope that Cookie will let us "borrow" you from time to time!

    Blessings, Donna B.

  2. Dotty said:

    Cookie is the cutest puppy I've ever seen! (Don't tell my dog that I said that!)

  3. Cindy-cookie cheers said:

    Oooooo! She looks so adorable AND sassy!!!

    Congrats on your furbaby!!

  4. Barbara said:

    That is one Sweet Cookie! Enjoy your new little one.

  5. Paula said:

    Oh my goodness but they are just going to love all these adorable cookies! I love the *pee happens* and the paws. Your little Cookie is so sweet and I know how much new love happiness she is bringing into your lives. I have no doubt that you are bringing much love and happiness into hers. How could you not!! :))

  6. Whisked Away Cookies said:

    Oh, this is just the sweetest blog post!! Love your new addition to the family!!! I don't know how you are going to get anything done with such a cute distraction! She is just the cutest little Cookie!

  7. Joy said:

    I enjoyed reading this so much! I love Cookie – funny thing is – while she was in training I used to tell her, "Your mommy is a baker and that is why she named you Cookie" And I called her Cookie Snickerdoodle! I didn't even know that you had intended to use Snickerdoodle in her name! Thank you so much for the beautiful box of cookies; thank you for allowing me to work with your sweetest Cookie! I will pass your Sweet Hope Cookies info on to as many as I can. Beautiful story!

  8. Becky said:

    Adorable Cookies alright…..continue whatever you have been doing in your blog….I'm just a new follower and definitely enjoy reading…. I know what it is like to have a pet puppy as I've got pet cats of my own….:) regards from Istanbul, Turkey.

  9. Where to Buy Plaque Cookie Cutters said:

    […] Puppy-Themed Thank You Cookies via Sweet Hope Cookies […]

  10. Kathy said:

    Very cute. Where did you get the puppy cutter and puppy face cutters from? Thanks. Kathy

  11. Decorated Boxer Cookies said:

    […] Puppy-Themed Thank You Cookies via Sweet Hope Cookies […]

  12. Frankey said:

    Wonderful reading …thanks so much for opening your life to us! … Frankey

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