Singing Frog Nightmares and Gold Lamé Dreams

Date September 22, 2012

When I was in high school a young couple at church asked if I’d sing a solo at their wedding. It turned out their wedding was the same day I was returning home from a week at summer church camp. A week at camp where I had talked and giggled all night every night with the other girls in my cabin, where I’d screamed cheers on the baseball field and on the sidelines of the volleyball court and on the edge of the swimming pool. A week where at every meal I’d sung at full volume while perched standing on the table bench “We are table number four, number four, number four, we are table number four, WHO ARE YOU?!” Suffice it to say all this screaming, shouting, singing, and laughing left me with no voice beyond a croak and a pop.

And so it went that on the wedding day I stood next to the piano in front of the choir loft and croaked like a frog, and not just any frog, but a frog that halfway through the song forgot the remaining words and ended up standing red-faced and silent before a bride, a groom, a wedding party, and a sanctuary of family and friends. When the last note rang on the piano, I bolted sobbing for the side door and throughout the wedding reception as wedding guests tried to console me with “Oh no, you did just fine!” and “Honey, it wasn’t even noticeable!”, good-hearted Christian liarpants that they were, I vowed with all the dramatic flair of any fifteen year old girl that I would never again sing at another wedding for as long as I lived.

And so it is that every time someone asks me to make cookies for their wedding, an electrical charge of terror from my adolescent trauma surges through me and then I say “Yes, of course!” because it’s an outrageous honor to be part of adding a little sugar to someone’s wedding day! And for that reason I was thrilled when my friend Nicole, web design rock star, ordered cookie favors for her wedding.

With the theme for their reception being travel we decided to go with a luggage design and since their honeymoon was set for Rome I made Italian flags and a couple personalized luggage tags using marshmallow fondant. I made the tags several weeks in advance so that when I flooded the cookies I just dropped the finished tags onto the wet glaze. Easy-pease lemon-squeezy.

Instead of heat sealing the cookie favors in cellophane bags tied up with a bow I used these
perfect clear boxes.

Please note: New map, never used. Clean. Don’t get all sanitation freaky on me.

Anyway, after finishing the wedding favors I went ahead and made a little wedding display surprise.

That looked somewhat awesome in a vintage luggage case surrounded by cupcakes.

While I was excited to add to the reception bling Nicole had already slipped a bridal gear and gone all wacky crazy crafting out her wedding with gold and purple gift-stuffed paper cones hung on every chair, gold and purple ribbon wands with tinkling bells, hand-cut paper poppers at every place setting and best of all, honest to goodness gold lamé luggage straps like the one on the suitcase below.
Gold lamé. Be still my heart. The glittery awesomeness of it all.

The only mistake Nicole made among this staggering amount of craftiness was that she only gave each guest one gold lamé luggage strap which meant I was left with only one choice. I had to steal three more.

A girl needs her super power bands.

Don’t worry.
I’m not closing out this post with a crazy cookie baker but
with a photo of a beautiful bride glowing brighter than gold lamé.

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3 Responses to “Singing Frog Nightmares and Gold Lamé Dreams”

  1. Lexy said:

    What a great post. Loved all the creative and different theme. Cookies were great and I really loved the bride and groom. Did you actually do that freehand or with a KopyKat? Thanks for sharing these beauties.

  2. Paula said:

    You crack me up! Love that B&W photo with the gold lamé lame front and center! Your cookies are all awesome of course and the stick figure bride and groom stand out regally amongst them all. Just as the real bridge and groom did at this awesome wedding. Congratulations to Nicole and her husband!

  3. Donna B. said:

    I hope these great cookies have quieted your adolescent trauma! LOL So, what shall we name you? Wonder-Cookie-Woman? Cute photo. Bridal pic is great…love what I can see of her gown.

    Blessings, Donna B.

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