Valentines for Randy

Date January 21, 2013


I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break while focusing my cookie time in the kitchen experimenting with new flavors I’ll be sharing with you in future posts but for the moment suffice it to say I’ve made some awesome discoveries and a few disastrously funny blunders. Oh, and don’t think I don’t know you well enough to know it’s the blunders that keep you coming back, but if another person’s baking snafus can make you feel just a little bit better about yourself then I’m your girl.

Putting aside my recent “My oh my, that was a close one!” with a brulee torch let’s talk about Valentines. Specifically Valentine’s Day cookies and even more specifically the Valentine’s Day cookies I’m taking orders on beginning today in my never-ending-any-time-soon endeavors to raise money for The ALS Association.

I kept my Valentine’s Day cookies simple this year.
There are mini hearts by the box and by the bucket.
There are big hearts with white chocolate fondant flowers on top.
There are conversation hearts with no message so you can add one of your own.
There are heart cookie sandwiches filled with old-fashioned homemade vanilla bean or lemon butter mints.
Just a whole lot of hearts.

Because at the heart of it all Valentine’s Day is a time to remind us all of the love we could be giving away in word and deed to those we love and those who need our love 365 days a year.

A little before Valentine’s Day in 2011 I told my brother Randy about an idea I had, an idea to sell as many cookies as I could to raise money for The ALS Association because I had to do something and that’s all I could think of to do.
As it turned out I sold a lot of Valentine’s cookies, a thousand dollars worth.
And I told my brother and he grinned with a grin that looked just like our dad.
And then I sent Randy photographs of my cookies and he began showing the photos to anyone who stopped by the house.
A physical therapist. The pastor. A plumber. The landscaper. It didn’t matter.
He’d block the front door with his wheelchair and holding up his iPad cajole some unsuspecting soul into watching a slide presentation of his sister’s cookies. And really, even if they wanted to say no, and I’m sure they did, how could they? Randy was there, in a wheelchair, with that look on his face that . . . well . . . think puppy dog.

So that’s where I go inside myself when Valentine’s Day comes around each year.  That sweet crazy image of my brother grinning like dad,  eyes twinkling like only his eyes could twinkle, sweet talking some poor chump into ooohing and aaahing over photos of his sister’s sugar cookies.

So here we go. If you’re interested in getting your hands on some Sweet Hope Cookies to give or to munch this Valentine’s Day, I’ve provided photos of all the sets I’m making this year and at the bottom of the post is all the information you need to place an order along with a pretty sweet parting gift. I only have a limited number of orders I’ll be able to take so please be sure to place your order as soon as possible, and remember I’m donating the cookies and all the material that goes into the packaging so that every dollar you give is wide open and clear to go directly to The ALS Association which means I get another chance to honor Randy’s memory, you enjoy some great tasting cookies, and together we have the opportunity to give some much needed and appreciated support to those who today are living with ALS. For that I would bake all day long.


The Brown Box

Cookie Code: BB

One dozen double chocolate mini cookies. Contains six glazed and decorated with brown sanding sugar and six glazed and topped with hand-pressed dark chocolate fondant molds dusted with edible gold paint. Each cookie box is tied with a ribbon as shown and bagged in a cellophane bag to retain optimal freshness.
Requested Donation: 28.00 plus shipping

The White Box

Cookie Code: WB

One dozen vanilla bean-almond mini cookies. Contains 6 cookies glazed and decorated with white sanding sugar and 6 cookies glazed and topped with hand-pressed white chocolate fondant molds dusted with edible gold paint. Each cookie box is tied with a ribbon as shown and bagged in a cellophane bag to retain optimal freshness.
Requested Donation: 28.00 plus shipping


Elegant Romance

Cookie Code: ER

Six 3×3 inch heart cookies with hand-pressed white chocolate fondant molds in two shades of pink. Three “Amo Te” (Latin = I love you) and three “Rose and Love Bird” designs. Each cookie is individually heat sealed in a cellophane bag for optimal freshness and presented in a windowed white box with ribbon.
Specify one of these flavors: Double Chocolate, Chocolate Cherry Cordial, Chocolate Mint
Requested Donation: 28.00 plus shipping


Message Hearts

Cookie Code: MH

Six 3×3 inch pink and red heart cookies, simply decorated around the edge to leave you plenty of space in the middle for writing personalized messages to your sweetheart. Edible black marking pen included. Each cookie is placed inside a self-sealing cellophane bag and presented in a clear vinyl box as shown. Once the messages have been written on the cookies you can seal each bag to retain optimal freshness.
Specify one of these flavors: Double Chocolate, Chocolate Cherry Cordial, Chocolate Mint
Requested Donation: 25.00 plus shipping


Love Notes

Cookie Code: LN

Ten mini cookies and two 3×3 inch cookies make up this fun love note gift box. The pink dove with an envelope in its peak is made from hand-pressed white chocolate fondant. The complete cookie box with ribbon will be packaged inside a sealed cellophane bag to retain optimal freshness.
Specify one of these flavors: Vanilla Bean – Almond, Zesty Lemon, or Creamy Coconut
Requested Donation: 28.00 plus shipping


Mini Conversation Cookies Round (12 cookies)

Cookie Code: CHR

Mini Conversation Cookies Bucket (30 cookies)

Cookie Code: CHB

These bite-size goodies are my popular vanilla bean – almond cookies filled with bits of colorful candy conversation hearts so they not only look like conversation hearts but they taste like them too! The cookies are bagged together in cellophane to retain optimal freshness.

Requested Donation for the Cookie Round: 11.00 plus shipping
Requested Donation for the Cookie Bucket: 25.00 plus shipping


Simply Sweet

Cookie Code: SS

A baker’s dozen individually heat-sealed in cellophane bags to retain optimal freshness and to make it easy to share them with others. If you want to share them, that is.
Specify one of these flavors: Vanilla Bean – Almond, Zesty Lemon, or Creamy Coconut
Requested Donation: 36.00 plus shipping


Creamy Dreamy Sandwich Cookies

Cookie Code: SC

There’s a whole lot of yummy goodness in these small bite sandwich stacks! Take two tender cookie rounds and sandwich them together with a thick layer of old-fashioned buttermint made with fresh cream butter and naturally flavored with lemon zest or pure vanilla beans.  The eight cookie sandwiches are boxed, tied with a ribbon and then sealed in a clear cellophane bag to retain optimal freshness.
Specify Flavor: Chocolate with a layer of  Vanilla Bean Buttermint or  Vanilla Bean – Almond with a layer of Lemon Zest Buttermint
Requested Donation: 18.00 plus shipping

So now that you’ve seen them, you need them, don’t you?
Come on, you know you do.

If you’d like to order some cookies to give as gifts for Valentine’s Day (or to hide in your night stand) send an email to anita at with the following information:

  • First and Last Name:
  • Complete Mailing Address (Street, City, State, Zip) :
  • Cookie Codes, flavor choice where applicable, and the quantity of each item you are ordering :

Once I receive your order, I’ll add up the donation total and send it to you along with the link to the Sweet Hope Cookies ALS Association Donation page where you will be able to make a credit card donation directly to the ALS Association, Oregon – SW Washington Chapter. Upon receiving an automated confirmation of your donation, I’ll contact you to confirm that your donation was received and that your cookies has been confirmed and booked. Finally, a week prior to shipping your cookies I’ll send you the cost of shipping which you can reimburse to me directly via Paypal or by mailing a personal check.  (Please note, if you place multiple orders that are to be shipped to multiple locations be sure to make that clear in your initial email along with including all the complete names and addresses of all recipients so that I can calculate shipping costs accurately.) Cookies will arrive 1-3 days before Valentine’s Day.

And just because I can and because I want to, if you donate more than 50 dollars to The ALS Association, you’ll receive a 4.50 x 4.50 double chocolate cookie with a dark chocolate “R” fondant mold included with your cookie order, a delicious reminder from me to you of the brother behind the cookies.




If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed! Also, now that I have your attention, I invite you to learn more about ALS and The ALS Association, and to make a donation to help us defeat ALS. Together we will defeat it!

18 Responses to “Valentines for Randy”

  1. Paula said:

    Kept your Valentine's cookies simple this year??!!! Holy smokes, all of these collections are just beautiful, just like the post.

  2. Melissa said:

    I love the cookie sets you have put together. I love even more the stories of you and your brother.

  3. Donna B. said:

    Anita, the cookies are absolutely beautiful…..I am so touched and entertained by your blog stories. You've done gorgeous things with those elaborate molds……I'm sure that Randy is smiling down upon you. Looking forward to your upcoming blog posts. I have quite the collection now of flavors, etc. as I run across them and am venturing out into the world of flavoring thanks to your encouraging words and recipes.

    Blessings, Donna B.

  4. Joni S. said:

    One word: LOVE!

  5. Laura said:

    Absolutely beautiful work for a great cause. I recognize the heart mold from my Springerle collection, but not the monogram one – love the detail of it.

  6. Debbie said:

    They are all so beautiful. Love how you keep it simple! LOL!

  7. Laura said:

    Wow! Beautiful cookies of a great cause. I just love the molded fondant decor. I recognize the heart(s) from my springerle collection of mold, but not the monogram one. Such beautiful detail. Is it a springerle mold as well?

  8. Laura said:

    Thanks for the great tip, Anita. I will take a look at the Celtic line. I found cornstarch to be my best friend when working with the different molds. I even tried my hand at making my own food safe silicone molds this past fall. Quite fun.

  9. Nancy Paine said:

    I still have not tried any of your fun and unusual cookie recipes, Anita! I think you are so creative, I just love all the mouth-watering flavors! Thanks for bloggig, you are a hoot to read, and I hope to meet you at the next Cookie Con! Wish I had chatted with you at the last one! 🙂 Nancy

  10. katttt said:

    It is evident how proud Randy was of his little sis!

  11. katttt said:

    I like to think it was a message from Randy. "He blocked the front door with his wheel chair" kinda says it. Hugs.

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