Wyatt Burps

Date September 26, 2012

This adorable little cow pie stomper is Wyatt and what makes this guy special is he’s family.

Follow me on this one.

Light years ago there were three young kids growing up in a church together named Tom, DeeAnn, and Randy.
Tom and Randy were best friends.
One day Tom married DeeAnn.
Tom and DeeAnn had two beautiful daughters they named Tammy and Tristan.
Tammy and Tristan grew up with Randy in their lives and they grew up being loved by him.
For many years Tom courageously fought a battle against cancer.
And then one very sad day Tom died.
Time passed and Randy married DeeAnn.
And Tammy’s two children, Braxy and Brailey, called Randy their Bopa.
But by the time little Wyatt came into the world Randy had already died.
Only Randy knew Wyatt was coming and he would have loved him.
He would have loved Wyatt like he loved Braxy and Brailey,
Like he loved Tristan and Tammy,
Like he loved his beautiful wife DeeAnn.

So that’s what makes Wyatt family and explains why it made me so happy to make him cookies for his very first birthday.
With a name like Wyatt, you go western. Duh.

It was more than a year ago that I saw this wonderful wood grain tutorial over at Bake At 350, and it impressed me so much that apparently the idea stuck in my head, somewhere between the theme song to Roger Ramjet (he’s our man, hero of our nation, for his adventures just be sure and stay tune to this staaaation, so come and join us all you kids for lots of fun and laughter as Roger Ramjet and his men get all the crooks they’re aaaaafter), and the first names of the Cowsills (Bill, Bob, Barry, John, Paul and Susan). For those who don’t know who the Cowsills are they were the real life inspiration for the Partridge Family and if you don’t know who the Partridge Family was go plow a field on Farmville or do whatever people of your generation do.
Young punk kids.

The adorable little rocking horse riding cowboy silhouette was the graphic on Wyatt’s party invitation.
Everyone please bow their heads for a moment of silent gratitude for the KopyKake Projector.

I love it when people ask for bandana printed cookies. LOVE it!

If you have a hard time here’s a couple tips that have helped me.

  • Do a Google search on the word bandanas and go to images. Find some basic designs you’re draw to and then practice them over and over again on paper. The more simple the better so that when you combine them on one cookie the design isn’t overly busy. The most common design is the paisley and for some reason I had the hardest time with it when I first started.
  • Use an edible thin point marker for the black and white icing with a number 0 – 1 piping tip.
  • Put down the black areas of the design first using the marker and then fill in the white design.
  • If the finished design looks a little too sparse just fill up the blank areas with a line of dots or a simple square or dash.

Once you get comfortable with a few designs you’ll have fun putting bandana print on all sorts of cookie shapes and remember you’re not locked into black and white. Use a couple colors of pastel for a baby shower or different shades of a single color. In other words, they’re cookies so have fun with a little cookie play!

I was trying to go for a straw hat look. Not so much. I think next time I’ll do the overlapping lines with a couple different shades of brown to see if that creates more of a contrast.

In the end though I was happy with the cookies for the little birthday boy.

The little boy that Bopa would have adored.

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2 Responses to “Wyatt Burps”

  1. Donna B. said:

    I'm so in love with these cookies, Anita…..I'd love to turn one of my city-slicker family into cowboy/girl to do a set of western cookies! wonder if I could do "fashionista-cowgirl"? Hee, hee……… alot of love in these….they are definitely iced from your heart, girl!

    (((Hugs))) Donna B.

  2. Paula said:

    Little Wyatt is adorable and that vest and cut-off jean shorts 🙂 Happy Birthday to him. These cookies are perfect. Your wood grain technique is spot on and I'm crazy over your bandana cookies. The rocking horse cowboy…squeal! (Love my KopyKate too)

    Loved the intro to this post.

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